How to Play Online Sabong in Gcash

how to play sabong in gcash

If you’re keen on online sabong but limited to using GCash as your payment method, worry not. Numerous trusted platforms, including Sabong Bet, support GCash for making deposits, withdrawals, and placing bets on sabong matches. One such platform even allows Bitcoin transactions. Here’s everything you need to know about engaging in online sabong through GCash. Keep reading for more details.

What is Online Sabong?

What is Online Sabong

Both traditional and online sabong follow similar basic rules, but the latter is hosted on digital platforms. It often features live streams of cockfights, betting options during the game, and an easy-to-use interface, making it accessible to a broader audience.

Getting Started | How to Play Online Sabong in Gcash

Getting Started _ How to Play Online Sabong in Gcash

Sabong, a popular form of entertainment in the Philippines, has transitioned smoothly into the digital age. Playing sabong online becomes easier with GCash. Below is a step-by-step guide to getting started:

Step 1: Download the GCash App

Start by downloading the GCash app on your mobile device from the respective app stores for Android devices. Once installed, open the app.

Step 2: Register for a GCash Account

To use all GCash services, create an account by clicking the “Sign Up” or “Register” button in the app. Enter your mobile number and set a secure four-digit GCash PIN.

Step 3: Verify Your Identity

For security, you might need to verify your identity by providing additional personal details and a valid government-issued ID.

Step 4: Link Your Mobile Number

Post-verification, link your mobile number to your GCash account, as it also serves as your account number.

Step 5: Load Funds into Your GCash Wallet

Before you can bet on online sabong, add funds to your GCash wallet. You can:

  • Use Bank Transfer: Transfer funds from your bank account to your GCash wallet using the “Cash In” option in the app.
  • Visit GCash Partner Outlets: Deposit cash at outlets like 7-Eleven or SM Business Centers.
  • Receive Money from Friends or Family: They can directly send money to your GCash wallet.

Step 6: Explore the GCash App

With your wallet funded, explore other features of the GCash app such as bill payments, online shopping, money transfers, and investments to enhance your financial management.

Step 7: Start Betting on Online Sabong

With a funded wallet and familiarity with the app, visit your chosen sabong platform, select GCash as your payment method, and start betting directly through the app. Enjoy a seamless betting experience thanks to the user-friendly interface.

Benefits of Using GCash for Online Sabong

Betting with GCash on online sabong offers unmatched convenience, allowing fans to manage bets and finances from their mobile devices. Real-time transactions keep users informed instantly, and strong encryption ensures financial data security.

Benefits of Using GCash for Online Sabong

GCash promotes transparency and is widely accepted across online sabong platforms, offering players more choices without hidden fees. Benefits include efficient withdrawals, promotional offers, and cashback incentives, increasing user value. Its intuitive interface caters to both beginners and experts, and a budgeting feature promotes responsible gambling.

Participating in Online Sabong

Whether online or in traditional settings, sabong in the Philippines follows the same rules. Matches feature two gamecocks equipped with “Tari” or sharp knives attached to their feet, intended to incapacitate or kill the opponent.

Before the match, trainers choose opponents for their roosters based on breed, feather quality, weight, and size. Once matched, each cock and its handler are assigned to either the Meron or Wala corner.

The match begins once bets are placed, rules reviewed, and roles defined. The referee, or sentensyador, initiates the fight, determining the winner based on the cocks’ engagement.

Bettors can watch and bet live during the games, just like in traditional events. However, participating online requires an account on a sabong betting platform compatible with GCash.


The integration of modern technology with the traditional practice of sabong allows for an engaging and convenient digital experience. When combined with GCash, the experience on Sabong Bet not only becomes streamlined but also secure against unauthorized access.

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