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Dive into a universe of exclusive deals and thrilling promotions at Sabong Bet! We’re thrilled to unveil a collection of enhancements designed to elevate your gaming adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned sabong enthusiast or just stepping into the arena, our promotions are engineered to amplify your excitement and maximize your value.


Join us as we explore a myriad of opportunities that position Sabong Bet as your go-to for exhilarating competitions and a treasure trove of rewards. Uncover the enticing promotions that await you!

Sabong Bet Welcome Bonus

Sabong Bet Welcome Bonus

New to Sabong Bet? Enjoy our Welcome Bonus on your first deposit! It’s simple—your initial deposit can be doubled, enhancing your starting arsenal in the betting world. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Deposit 100 PHP for a 60% bonus.
  • Deposit 200 PHP for an 80% bonus.
  • Deposit 500 PHP for a 90% bonus.
  • Deposit 1,000 PHP for a 100% bonus.

Remember, this bonus is engaged in a playful dance with a 19x wager requirement across our diverse gaming spectrum, from live dealer interactions to spinning the slots.

Daily Betting Bonus

Daily Betting Bonus

Every day brings a new chance to boost your balance. Our Daily Betting Bonus rewards you for your loyalty and passion for the game. The more you play, the more you gain:

  • Bet 8,888 PHP and receive 17 PHP.
  • Bet 20,000 PHP for 37 PHP.
  • Bet 50,000 PHP for 57 PHP.

This bonus is as straightforward as it gets with a 1x rollover requirement, available on all bets across the platform.

Weekly Deposit Bonus

Weekly Deposit Bonus

Boost your week with extra cash! Our Weekly Deposit Bonus system allows you to gain up to 26,000 PHP:

  • Deposit 1,000 PHP for a 20% bonus, up to 500 PHP.
  • Deposit 50,000 PHP for a 25% bonus, up to 5,000 PHP.
  • Deposit 100,000 PHP for a 26% bonus, up to 26,000 PHP.

Engage more, and watch your bonuses grow. This bonus needs to be wagered twice before withdrawal.

Minimal Bet Bonus

Minimal Bet Bonus

For the strategic player, a minimal bet of 2,000 PHP could net you an additional 10 to 20 PHP, just by choosing your lucky number. It’s a small but potentially lucky addition to your betting strategy!

Weekly Compensation for Losses

Weekly Compensation for Losses

We’ve got your back. Recoup a percentage of your losses each week:

  • Lose 100 PHP and recover 6%.
  • Lose 5,000 PHP and recover up to 20%.

The more you play, the more we support your journey to bounce back.

Agent Incentive Program

Agent Incentive Program

Become a Sabong Bet agent, and earn rewards by bringing new players into the fold. Your earnings increase with the deposits made by your recruits, underpinned by a simple wager requirement.

VIP Membership Benefits Promotions

VIP Membership Benefits

Climb the VIP ladder and unlock increasingly impressive rewards. From daily bonuses to special promotions, your consistent play will be rewarded with:

VIP Upgrade Rewards

This program offers rewards as you progress in the gambling game. Below are the wager amounts needed to advance and the corresponding bonuses for reaching higher levels:

VIP LevelWager Amount for PromotionLevel Up Bonus
11,000 PHP3 PHP
29,000 PHP18 PHP
390,000 PHP28 PHP
4200,000 PHP58 PHP
5700,000 PHP108 PHP
62,000,000 PHP288 PHP
77,000,000 PHP888 PHP
810,000,000 PHP1,888 PHP
930,000,000 PHP3,888 PHP
1050,000,000 PHP5,888 PHP

VIP Daily Bonus

In addition to regular earnings, bettors receive a daily bonus based on their wagering amount for that day:

VIP LevelDaily Wager AmountLevel Up Bonus
11,000 PHP1 PHP
23,000 PHP3 PHP
310,000 PHP10 PHP
410,000 PHP10 PHP
550,000 PHP50 PHP
650,000 PHP50 PHP
750,000 PHP50 PHP
850,000 PHP50 PHP
950,000 PHP50 PHP
1050,000 PHP50 PHP

VIP Weekly Bonus

A special incentive is provided to gamblers based on their weekly wagering amount:

VIP LevelTotal Weekly WagerLevel Up Bonus
15,000 PHP3 PHP
210,000 PHP3 PHP
350,000 PHP15 PHP
450,000 PHP18 PHP
5200,000 PHP75 PHP
6200,000 PHP80 PHP
7200,000 PHP85 PHP
8200,000 PHP90 PHP
9200,000 PHP95 PHP
10200,000 PHP100 PHP

VIP Monthly Bonus

Bettors are awarded a daily bonus based on their monthly wagering volume:

VIP LevelTotal Monthly WagerLevel Up Bonus
18,000 PHP4 PHP
280,000 PHP40 PHP
3100,000 PHP50 PHP
4100,000 PHP50 PHP
5500,000 PHP250 PHP
6500,000 PHP250 PHP
71,000,000 PHP500 PHP
81,500,000 PHP750 PHP
92,000,000 PHP1,000 PHP
105,000,000 PHP2,500 PHP


Simply be a new player making your first deposit to qualify. The bonus increases with the amount deposited!

Each bonus has its own requirements, such as the 19x wager for the Welcome Bonus and a 1x rollover for the Daily Betting Bonus.

Yes, it’s available for immediate use across all bets on our platform, following the 1x rollover.

Our Weekly Loss Relief program helps you recover a percentage of your losses, increasing with the amount lost.

Consistent betting over time will elevate your VIP status, unlocking greater rewards at each level.


Sabong Bet invites all gaming aficionados, from seasoned players to newcomers, to leverage our array of promotions. From hefty deposit bonuses to loss recovery and a rewarding VIP program, Sabong Bet is committed to enhancing your gaming experience and maximizing your rewards.

Embrace the excitement, join the community, and let every wager open doors to new possibilities and exceptional rewards. Step into Sabong Bet’s world of promotions today and let the games begin!